Kelly Brothers offers you a friendly & warm staff, great food, craft beers, cocktails, live music, Poker Nights, and many other special events that will make you want to keep coming back.

3045 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306
Phone: 954 630-2856

About Ireland?

We are very proud of our little island, which is fastest growing economy in Europe having hit a bit of speed bump the last few years with the banking crisis (our currency is Euro by the way) and the recession along with our European partners and indeed the rest of the world. But we have a long history of resilience and optimism and would prefer to see the glass of Guinness in our hand as half full, rather than half empty, any day of the week.

We are a friendly nation, easy going, amenable and relatively laid back and while the standards of food and accommodation have greatly improved, we are still hopeless at timekeeping (we are on GMT) and our public transport system outside of the main cities is fairly minimal, to say the least. But hiring a car is simple and cheap with good motorways linking the main cities of DublinCorkGalway and Belfast which is in Northern Ireland  (the currency up there is Sterling) which always confuses people. Ireland is made up of 32 counties, 26 of which belong to the Republic of Ireland (Irish) while 6 still remain in Northern Ireland (British). It’s a long story 800 years in fact, don’t ask? Although it had a happy ending of sorts in that we have spent the whole 2016 celebrating 100 years of Independence….
For more about Dublin please click here.

To have a pint here in America and feel like you are in Ireland, stop into Kelly Brothers Irish Pub

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